Apples Massage School

 What courses do you offer?


Q: What about learning materials? Upon joining you will receive a printed work manual with detailed instructions

Q: What will the courses cost? 


Thai Massage 30 hours:          12.000 Baht

Foot massage 30 hours:          12.000 Baht

Oil massage 30 hours:             12.000 Baht
 Prakob 30 hours                         14,000 Baht (Herbal Hot compress)

Q: Do we need to pay in advance? To reserve a course with us you to pay deposit of 3500thb via Paypal . 

A paypal invoice will be sent for your deposit once this is paid your space is 100% confirmed. You don’t need to have a pay pal account you can pay the invoice via debit or credit card

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the booking fee/deposit  is paid - the fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Q: Duration & Time required for the Course? It is usually a 5Ąday course. Commences Monday to Friday. Time - 9:00am to 4:00pm (One hour break in between). 6 hours per day, 5 days a week.

Q: What if I would like a customized schedule?

A: Contact us & we can setup a schedule feasible to both parties.

Q: Can I book the courses online?

A:No a verbal conversation/consultation via  wattsapp is required to ensure all information is clear this also gives you and us the opportunity to ask any further questions you may have. This normally takes about 15mins please email to organise this

Q: How many students will be part of the learning group?

A: As we are a small school  the maximum group number is limited to 4 students. (We like to keep class sizes small) 

Q: What about meals or eating out during midday breaks?

A:You are free to bring in your own meals. You are free to bring in your own meals. Alternatively, if you do prefer, we offer freshly homemade cooked Thai food. The cost for this is an additional 1,000 Baht only for the whole week for certified courses. Please inform the management of any dietary requirements or allergies.

Q: What kind of courses do you offer? Traditional Thai Massage. Foot Massage. Oil Massage. Prakob (Herbal Hot Compress) that are certified by the Thai Medical Services Society either 30 or 60 hour courses Certificate is awarded only upon successful completion of an exam..

We also offer uncertified courses for further self study purposes 1 day courses or longer

Q:Do you offer 1day courses?

A:Yes  they are un-certified  courses that start at 9am to 4pm

(1 hour break).

Q.How much do the 1 day un-certified  courses cost?

A. It varies on group size 

1 person = 6000thb (6000thb per person)

2 people  = 8000thb (4000thb per person)

3 people = 9900thb (3300thb per person)

4 people = 11000thb (2750thb per person)

(The above courses include lunch and pick up and drop off at your hotel)

1000thb non refundable deposit is required per person to reserve a one day course

(No application form is required for a 1 day course)

Q. If I want to book a certified course afterwards can the hours from the 1 day course be taken into account for it and would the cost of the one day course be deducted from the certified course?


A. Yes providing they are for the same subject for example if the one day Thai Massage course is 7 hours so you would only need to complete a further 23 hours to complete the 30 hour certification.

In regards to the payment in these circumstances the individual cost (Per person) for the 1 day course will be deducted from the cost of the 30 hour course